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The greatest tool to save high-quality Facebook videos is Instadown.app Facebook Video saver. Full HD, 2K, and 4K (mp4). Get Facebook videos in the best quality for your iPad, PC, or phone. Utilize your browser to save videos from Facebook using our tool. Installing any program is not necessary. assist both iOS and Android.

One of the greatest resources on the internet for converting social media videos to mp4 or mp3 files is Instadown.app, which offers a free download option for PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

To save the video in the supported format, simply type the URL into the text field provided and press the “Download” button.

Our website can be used without cost, and no software download or registration is needed.

Enjoy yourself and your use of our website.

Features of Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Saver

Instadown was created to make it easier for you to save and store any form of Facebook video—up to 4K—on your smartphone. With only a few clicks on Instadown.app, you can quickly save and store videos from Facebook, including those from ordinary posts and Watch, Livestream videos, and private and public group films.

Facebook Story Video Downloader

Additionally, Instadown has the ability to save high-quality Facebook videos. To save private Facebook videos, simply follow the same procedures as befriending the Story’s creator on Facebook.

Highest quality

You can save 4K and FULL HD sound-assisted videos from Facebook using our video downloader. Currently, the majority of programs only support HD videos.

Easy to use

Download Facebook videos to your phone, computer, tablet, or phone running any operating system (Android, iOS). No software has to be installed.

Free of cost

Facebook Video Downloader – Instadown It is always given away for free. We simply run a small number of advertisements to fund our growth.

Method of Use:

  1. To copy the Facebook video link, first locate the video you wish to download on Facebook by opening it on your device. Next, choose “Copy Link” from the menu by clicking on the three dots (…) or the share button beneath the video, which will copy the URL to your clipboard.
  2. Copy and paste this link: Return to our Facebook Video Downloader page, then click the copied link and paste it into the space provided.
  3. After pasting the URL, select “Download” by clicking the button below. The URL will be processed by our system, which will then provide you with download alternatives.
  4. Select the format that you like best: You’ll see that there are several download options accessible, such as format and video quality. Select the option that best satisfies your needs.
  5. Download your video: Select the format you want to use, then click the “Download” button. The Facebook video you uploaded will begin downloading right away.

Why Choose Us:

  • Quick and Simple: Saving Facebook videos straight to your smartphone is made simple and quick with our facebook video downloader.
  • Free to Use: There are no up-front fees or membership requirements, and our service is totally free to use.
  • High Quality: You may download Facebook videos in the quality you choose thanks to the variety of download choices we provide.
  • No Need to Register: Our Facebook Video Downloader does not require you to register or establish an account in order to use it. Copy the link and download your preferred videos right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Download Facebook Videos Using Instadown.app?

Reviews and comments from users indicate that Instadown.app is the fastest, highest, and most reliable Facebook video downloader tool available right now. We give you with the finest option to save videos from Facebook, and we always work to enhance the quality of the tools we offer.

What is the process for downloading Facebook videos to your computer?

In a computer To complete the process, simply copy the Facebook video’s link, paste it into the link input field at the top of this page, and click the “Download” button.

How can I get Facebook videos onto my Android phone?

It’s as easy to download as it is on a computer; just visit Instadown.app -> Copy the Facebook video link, then select “Download.” Select the desired download quality (supports 4K video).

How to Download 4k Facebook Videos?

All you need is a link to a Facebook video in 4K quality. Copy the URL, open Instadown.app, select “Import Facebook Video Link,” then click “Download” and select “4K” as the desired download resolution.

How do you get Facebook video downloader onto your iPhone (iOS)?

iOS is a little trickier to use. Readdle must be downloaded in order to download documents because iOS does not enable live video downloads. Launch the program, Select your preferred browser, go to Instadown.app, click the Import Facebook Video link, then click Download. You may then choose the download quality.

How can I download videos from Facebook online?

Ah, I see. To download a Facebook video, just copy its URL and paste it into the Instadown.app link entry box. Facebook video downloader will take care of the rest on its own.

Can I download and store Facebook videos to my phone?

Naturally, once you’ve finished downloading the Facebook video, you can save it to your computer by going to the Download folder on a Windows or Android device. The process on an iPhone, however, is a little more involved.

Are Facebook Live streaming videos downloadable?

Facebook live videos cannot be downloaded until the livestream has concluded. Once the livestream has concluded, copy the Facebook video URL and download it using the previously mentioned instructions.

Does Instadown.app retain a copy of the video or stores saved videos?

Sadly, neither does Instadown.app host videos nor save copies of videos that are saved. We only support render-only videos that lack an archive and lose audio. Every video is only saved to your device after being stored on Facebook’s servers.

After being saved to the device, where are Facebook videos saved?

Kindly look through your phone’s “Downloads” folder or your browser’s “download history” section.